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Trail Report By: Benzie County Visitors Bureau,     info@visitbenzie.com
Benzie County Trail Report:
DATE:   3-28-14
BASE:   5-10"
PAST 24 Hrs:   rain / snow
    Hi all! Well its looking like our season is almost over but not quite yet! Get out for that last ride or two! All trails were groomed Wednesday night and were still pretty darn good yesterday, but then last night it rained A LOT, and then we got a couple inches of snow after that. So, we lost some snow, and then got some more snow. It's low 30's today and supposed to be warmer tomorrow and Sunday, BUT still cold at night SO Groomers say they WILL be grooming again Sat and Sun mornings because it is supposed to be cold overnight and early. So still some more riding for this weekend! We're gonna get our season right to the end! CAUTION! There is a section on Hayes Rd north of SR 31 that the logging company plowed. Groomers have been over it, but be aware when you are in this area! Very little snow rough with dirt going on lower south end along High bridge. The last day the trails are officially open is March 31 - after that you can no longer ride on the private property. The leases only cover from December 1 till March 31. So get out and enjoy the weekend baby! I have LOVED hearing from you all about your adventures! THANKS for the emails and pics! Be safe, have fun, and I'll seeya on the trails! Carol
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