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Trail Report By: Benzie County Visitors Bureau,     info@visitbenzie.com
Benzie County Trail Report:
DATE:   11-19-14
BASE:   not yet
PAST 24 Hrs:   4-6" and more coming
CONDITION:   not yet
    Hey all! Its still snowing and in some areas pretty good again! Places have seen anywhere from 3-6 to 10-16" and more! It's a wild Winter already! And they say more is coming! They are saying a bit of a warm up this weekend with rain possibly BUT if that happens and it goes back to snow, it will only help develop that base! Woohooh! It' starting good, lets hope its keeps right up! REMEMBER though I have to tell you trails DO NOT officially open until Dec 1, BUT you know the routine! Are y'all out there and ready?! Drop me a note and let me know! Thanks Stormi for being that first email this year! We'll talk soon! But until I can officially say it - "Seeya on the trails!" Carol
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