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Trail Report By: Fay's Motel & Cottages     milecoe@frontier.com
Grayling Trail Report:
DATE:   2/9/16
BASE:   mostly packed snow, some ice
PAST 24 Hrs:   dusting
CONDITION:   good read below
    Greetings Sledders, WOW What a couple a weeks. Thaw freeze thaw freeze, all of this activity has turned the groomer schedule upside down a few times, and finally everything will all come back together tomorrow. The trails look good except for the problem child trail to Frederic which is the one that keeps me from rating the trails at awesome dude, or excellent man, or some other such thing. When all of our segments are pure white then and only then will I go completely over the top and throw a very in front the good. The trails must be somewhere close to that as Dave from Ohio stopped in the office and plopped a 50 dollar bill down and instructed me to buy the guys pizza for all of their volunteer efforts and I believe he also threw down an awesome or excellent or some other such thing. We do need some snow on the trail from hell but the guys are doing a great job even though it is snirty. The rest are in good shape except for a few corners, do watch for ice however as some of the corners have been infected. I'm not going to post this warning again, not because it would be redundant, but because I'm too damned lazy to type it out report after report, just use some caution please. Groomers are on their regular schedule so watch out for them they are big and green. Ride Often and Please Be Safe, Keith, Sandy and The Girls
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