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Trail Report By: Fay's Motel & Cottages     milecoe@frontier.com
Grayling Trail Report:
DATE:   final 2014
BASE:   gone
PAST 24 Hrs:   None
CONDITION:   game over
    Greetings Sledders, That's a wrap, game over, season 14's finale' report, what the hell do you want to talk about now? I'll just throw some numbers at you in terms of what we groomed and monies and time we spent to get there and call it a season, how's that? We are responsible for 86 miles of trail and on that 86 we groomed 6,942 miles, and to accomplish that we put butts in the seats for 1,193 hours which equates to a robust 5.8 miles per hour. Our very thirsty John Deere 7830 tractors consumed the better part of our $26,000.00 fuel bill this past season which put our cost to groom each mile at approximately $3.74, and that's just fuel. It doesn't take into account several thousands of dollars spent on non-reimbursable items such as oils, hoses, lights, etc. One should not lose sight of the pre-season hours spent brushing, signing, grading, and machine maintenance when putting the final tally on this year, we had about 550 hours associated with those functions as well and it's far from over. We now enter into post season shut down which includes dropping the blades off the Deere's, removing and re-building all of the cylinder and rod ends, dropping all three drags and flipping the cutters for next year, final greasing for the year and the list goes on and on. In closing, thanks to all of you who read and responded to the reports this year and a huge thank you to all who stayed with us during a year where you could go pretty much anywhere in the State, your business is genuinely appreciated. Keith, Sandy and The Girls
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