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Six Mile Lake and
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Six Mile Lake
Area: 407 acres
Latitude:   N 45° 07.19'
Longitude: W 85° 12.15'

St. Clair Lake
Area: 64 acres
Latitude:   N 45° 09.98'
Longitude: W 85° 13.79'

Ellsworth Lake
Area: 120 acres
Latitude:   N 45° 09.25'
Longitude: W 85° 14.72'

Willson Lake
Area: 106 acres
Latitude:   N 45° 07.44'
Longitude: W 85° 15.03'

Ben-Way Lake
Area: 131 acres
Latitude:   N 45° 06.35'
Longitude: W 85° 15.34'

Six Mile Lake & Upper Chain O' Lakes Map Antrim County Michigan

North of Central Lake, are six narrow lakes that complete the Chain O' Lakes system. Starting with Hanley Lake then north through the Green River to Wilson Lake. Between Hanley Lake and Benway Lake an old lift bridge runs over the Green River on Muhrman Bridge Road. It has been inoperative for some time and has a clearance of only five feet. As you head north through Wilson Lake, and just before you reach Ellsworth Lake, there is another small private bridge at five foot clearance. As go further north through Ellsworth you reach the northern most lake, St. Clair Lake. You must pass through a 12 foot wide culvert with five foot clearance and 3 feet of water to reach it. The Chain O' Lakes turn south from here through marsh land and into Six mile Lake, the largest of the northern lakes. Due to the connecting rivers smaller boats are recommend for this Michigan fishing tour.

Fish Species:
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black crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, muskellunge, northern pike, perch, rock bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, brown bullhead,

submergent vegetation
emergent vegetation
dead heads
rocks & gravel
floating vegetation
marsh / swamp land

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Six Mile Lake & Upper Chain O' Lakes Lodging
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