Morel Mushroom Reports
Baldwin, Lake Co.
Michigan Morel Mushroom Reports

May 12th, The Morels Are Popping Up All Around Northern Michigan

   Morel Mushrooms start growing when the temperature, humidity, nighttime temperatures, soil and other factors are just right. The Michigan Morel Mushroom season normally starts in late April when temperatures begin to climb into the sixties during the day and are no colder than the forties at night, and lasts into June. Mosture is a major key so looking the day after a rain is a good time. Look around streams, river beds, wooded areas, decaying timber and underbrush. When you do find a morel look close for more as they always seem to pop in groups and you will most likly find more than one.
   It is very important to use a woven mesh bag, like a potato sack, to put the mushrooms in. Morels spread thru spores that will shake loose as you carry them spreading more shrooms in the woods. This will help ensure Morel hunting for years to come. You also should pinch or cut the morels just above the ground when picking them. The Morel Mushroom fungi tend to have an underground root system you need to leave intact so many more shrooms can grow in the same spot.

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