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Spring Walleye Fishing Lake Michigamme   By DMG, 2001           Pg. 3

   The third day started out stormy and we stayed inside until that evening. I headed over to Presbytery Point where I started spotting fish along the bottom. I was really starting to like the new color sonar as it was much easier to see and pick out the fish and the bottom structure. The reds would show up the denser objects and so on into blues for the less dense such as weeds and mud. Rocks and gravel showed up very well and give me a good idea of the transition zones on the bottom.
   Slammer was now over the rods, a good sign that they were walleye I was seeing on the screen. I dropped the lines on the north side of the point and dragged two crawler harnesses with 1½ once bottom bouncers 1 mile an hour back toward the 20 foot break where we spotted the fish. As soon as we hit the drop the first rod went down and the evenings first walleye went into the livewell. On the next circle going up the drop we landed another and I set course for the next pass.
   It's important to run back and forth over the break instead of following the depth they are at. They are expecting the bait to come off the flats over the brake line and will sit and wait. It's not natural for the bait to come from the side.
   We spent the next 2 hours running a figure eight pattern over the drop on the inside corner. Twenty feet of water is where most of the strikes came and I had the spot narrowed in nicely. By dark we had our limit and brought a few more back. We had dinner and Slammer was very happy about that. He followed me into the cleaning station and waited for his pieces as I cleaned our catch.     Here are the coordinates for the spot N46° 31.997', W88° 04.565'

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