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Planting Depth: ½" - 1"
Soil Temp, Germ: 70-90°F
Days to Germ.: 3 - 8
Plant Spacing: 2/ - 3'
Days to Maturity: 80 - 90
Full Sun
Moderate Water


Planted Seeds:
June 3
Growth Begins:
June 11
First Harvest:

Muskmelon,     (Cucumis melo var. reticulatus)
Muskmelon originated in the near east. The dessert of the garden, most melons are also rich in vitamin C and contain moderate levels of potassium, vitamin A, and folate.

Propagation: In southern states, melons can be sown directly in the garden when danger of frost has passed. For shorter season growing, start seeds indoors in pots, 2-4 weeks before transplanting into the garden when all danger of frost has passed. Shorter season growers can also use cloches and row covers to get an earlier start and assure ripe melons in late summer. The key to good melon growing is crop placement. Pick the hottest, sunniest spot. Allow at least 2' in rows and 4' between rows to allow plants to fill out. For peak flavor and to prevent splitting, decrease watering as fruits ripen.
Soil & Water: Melons grow more prolifically in well-enriched, sandy/loam soils. Heavier clay soils also produce well, but tend to enhance more foliage and vine growth, giving a later harvest. Fertility should be assured with well-balanced compost and the addition of some magnesium if your soil lacks it.
Harvesting: Muskmelons will have a sweet fragrance and will separate easily from their stems ("slip") when ripe. Cut the stems of melons when ripe.

Muskmelon (rabbit cage)
Muskmelon July 3rd

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