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Cayenne Chile Pepper
Plant Height: 18-30"
Planting Depth: ¼"
Soil Temp, Germ: 70-90°F
Days to Germ.: 8-14
Plant Spacing: 12-18"
Days to Maturity: 80
Full Sun
Moderate Water


Planted Cayenne Seeds:
May 28
Growth Begins:
June 11
Transplanted Jalapeño
May 20
First Harvest:

Chile Peppers,     (Capsicum annuum)
Chili peppers are perennial subshrubs native to South America, which are grown as annuals in our colder climate. They range in hotness from mild to fiery hot. The burning sensation is attributed to chemical compounds called capsaicinoids, which are stored in the light-colored veins, on the walls, and surrounding the seeds. Capsaicin acts on the pain receptors in the mouth, not the taste buds.

Propagation: Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Transplant when the soils are warm spacing seedlings 12-18 inches apart. Needs warm conditions day and night to germinate and fruit well.
Soil & Water: Add a fresh layer of rich compost to the top soil, then till or spade the bed to loosen the soil and work in the compost. Rake level.
Harvesting: Pick at the peak of color.

Cayenne Chile Pepper June 19
Jalapeño Pepper July 3

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