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from pre-started plants
Plant Height: 3-4'
Plant Spacing: 24-36"
Days to Maturity: 55-85
Full Sun
Moderate Water


Transplanted To Garden:
May 20
First Harvest:

Tomatoes ,     (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
The most popular garden vegetable in America. For many years, however, tomatoes (then called "love apples") were considered poisonous and were grown solely for their ornamental value. Tomatoes are usually easy to grow and a few plants provide an adequate harvest for most families. The quality of fruit picked in the garden when fully ripe far surpasses anything available on the market, even in season. The tomato plant is a tender, warm-season perennial that is grown as an annual in summer gardens all over the continental United States.

Propagation: "Tomatoes" can be transplanted 24" to 36" apart after all danger of frost has passed. When the plants flower, a gentle shake will help to pollinate them. If your growing larger varieties... place a "Tomato" cage around the plants before they become to large.
Soil & Water: Add a fresh layer of rich compost to the top soil, then till or spade the bed to loosen the soil and work in the compost. Rake level. Tomatoes prefer soils more to the dry side. Water as needed.
Harvesting: Tomatoes are ready to harvest when the fruits are red and firm. End of season green fruits can be ripened in a shade window sill.

Grape Tomatoes June 19
Early Girl Tomatoes July 3

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