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All Four Michigan Cap Commemorative Caps Dave G. Cooperation Park Indian River Michigan ATV ORV
Pigeon River Forest

Cooperation Park Indian River Michigan ATV ORV
Cooperation Park Indian River Michigan ATV ORV    After John and I signed the 90 mile route Friday I was up at 4am that Saturday morning. The first thing I noticed were the stars shinning bright in the crisp pre dawn air. It had been rainy all week and now it looked like 8 hours of dry air before a cold front was expected to bring in a rain snow mix. Although it was a chilly morning the dust was non existent. I had concerns about visibility with dry conditions. Bright sunshine filled the horizon as Cooperation Park started to come to life. The Girls, Alison, Katie and Neila had checked in all the riders very quickly at the Brown Trout.

   We checked in and lined up 5 groups of 35 machines or so and had the blue group out of the gate at 8:35am led by Mike. Green leader Kevin took off 10 minutes after the last blue machine cleared the park. Things went very orderly that morning. Right after Ty took the orange group out at 9:00am I left the park taking a short cut. I wanted to run ahead of the groups and check the conditions while I shot a few video clips. As I pulled into the Wild Road area, just north of the Pigeon River Forest, I noticed many tracks ahead of me. The blue group had been through already making good time. Cooperation Park Indian River Michigan ATV ORV

Mud Hole Michigan ATV ORV    The stretch of two track just north of Webb Road has a few miles with many mud holes. The last one is the largest and the first place I stopped to shoot. Pulled off the side of the tracks I had a good view from the camera mount on the back of my Can Am. I soon heard Kevin report in as he entered the area from Afton Road. The helmet radios where a big help in keeping track of the group positions. John, bringing up the rear, and I also carried GPS radios that transmitted location to each unit. This way I always knew where the last rider was on my GPS screen.
   I settled in as the sound of the green group floated through the morning mist and grew into a mild roar. The group and I watched as Kevin slid in and out without much fuss.
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