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Burt Lake Marina

Maple Bay Marine Arctic Cat ATV ORV RVT

Indian River MI. ATV ORV OHV Lodging

Indian River MI. ATV ORV OHV Lodging

2011 ALL-4 MICHIGAN FALL RIDE    by DMG,    page 1 All 4 Michigan 2011 Fall OUV Color Ride

It was unusually warm for the first weekend in October. High temps were in the low 80's with nothing but sun the past couple of days and it was expected to last through Sunday. As we set up that Friday we had lots of visitors stopping by to say hi. Some where riders up a day early checking out the starting point, and others were just up for the colors and wondering what was going on. The two guys shown right came by on their ORV's and were just asking if they could help. By 6 that evening we had all the equipment in place as left for home to try and get a good nights sleep.
Big John day before

Kids, Grandkids and Friends help out
By 5 Saturday morning I was in Indian River putting up direction signs and getting the gear ready for the help to arrive. Radios, GPS's, lights, safety vests, clipboards, aprons, sound equipment and of course the ATV's all had to be ready by check in. My daughter and son-in-law, who had stayed at the park overnight for security, were up and at it early. Big John, his wife Alison, Ty from Burt Lake Marina, Fred & AJ Hollerback were there to help out that day. Could have used a few more but working together we got it done on time!

At 9:00 am sharp it was quite a sight to see over 200 machines running in a line headed east into the sunrise. I had left just before the group and set up my video camera at the south end of Roberts Lake and waited for the riders. It was not long before I could hear a swarm in the distance. I started filming as the lead guide approached the bridge and kept filming for 20 minutes as the line seemed to never end. Everyone had a smile on there face as they crossed the small bridge and viewed the colors surrounding the lake.
Big John day before
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2011 ALL-4 MICHIGAN FALL RIDE    by DMG,    page 1

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