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Bombardier ATV's

ATV Riding From Michigamme Through Marquette County 2006   / By DMG     Pg. 2

   After leaving Black Slate Falls we hopped on snow trail 14, part of the ATV route, and headed east to Mt. Arvon. At 1,979 feet it is the highest point in Michigan. Duane had never been there and wanted to take a photo on top just to show he was. After a short break we headed east to eat and fuel up in Big Bay. Great trail! The Lumberjack Bar & Grill, where we ate lunch, was the scene of the real murder in the classic movie "Anatomy Of A Murder". The spot on the floor where I am lying is the exact place the victim lay dead. After some burgers and a thunder storm had passed we rode back west to snow trail 5 and headed south.

   Most of the trails follow roads, but not all the time. Although we were told we could ride on the snowmobile trails with an ORV sticker, it is not always the best choice. Frozen in the winter, the low swamp land is no problem on a sled. In the summer, especially after a hard rain like we had earlier today, it can become quite a challenge. Taking it easy on the new machine I got a little stuck in the Dead River area. Using the handy wench I was back for another try in no time. After some fun mud slinging, and wearing most of the marsh, we headed back to Michigamme with 130 miles behind us and two more days to explore!

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