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Sturgeon River Michigan Canoe and kayak
Parking Area:
Latitude:   N45° 13.222'
Longitude: W84° 35.082'


South Trowbridge:
Latitude:   N45° 13.338'
Longitude: W85° 35.284'

Interstate 75:
Latitude:   N45° 13.567'
Longitude: W85° 35.560'

North Trowbridge:
Latitude:   N45° 13.920'
Longitude: W85° 35.305'

Freeway Trail:
Latitude:   N45° 14.192'
Longitude: W85° 35.169'

Sturgeon River - Trowbridge Road - Wolverine Michigan
Sturgeon River Michigan
The southern most starting point on the Sturgeon River is just off Trowbridge Road where the DNR has provided a parking area with easy access to the river bank.
Headed north it's a nice easy stretch of river to get you started out.
You will pass under several bridges along the way in this area. First under Trowbridge Rd., above left, then I-75, above right, and than Trowbridge Road again, below left, where there is a small chute of fast water between a line of boulders under the surface just north of the bridge. At the Trowbridge Road crossings you will also go under a second R&R bridge which is now part of the Gaylord to Indian River Snowmobile Trail and bike trail. The last bridge in this area is Freeway Trail, shown below right.
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