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4th Of July House Boating On Burt Lake   By the Castmaster     Pg. 3
   Once the sun burned away the last remnant of fog the sky and water were as blue as can be! Temps were in the upper 70's with a light breeze out of the west just keeping the heat down enough to really enjoy the rays. About eleven o'clock that morning a few boats had made their way out staking a claim. Neila wanted a nap after staying up late the night before watching what was one of the clearest skies I've seen. The Milky Way was vibrant with the endless stars looking close enough to reach out and grab. I have also seen northern lights hover over this lake many times in the past.

   I decided to take a little look about while Neila napped. I hopped in the Lund docked on the side of the house boat and cruised around the bay. It was now about noon and the activity on and around the water was really starting to increase. A steady line of boats were launching from the park ramp. Kids were out fishing, swimming and playing on the beach while others were wiping out on their wake boards. I stopped by the campground for a bit to talk to a few friends and invite some out to the houseboat. The campground was full as usual for the forth and with the great weather everyone was enjoying the water one way or another.

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