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In-line Diver Disks

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Michigan Fishing Tips In-line Diver Disks

   Trolling with diving disks is a simple and effective way to gain depth in your lure presentations. Their low visual profile won't spook even the shyest of game fish. They also aid in controlling the positioning of your lures. With the nose weight set on center, the diver will run straight behind the boat. Set the nose weight off center, and the diver will run to the side of the boat. The most common question asked about diver disks is how to determine the depth that they will dive to.

   Because the performance of any diver is affected by many factors, such as boat speed, line weight, lure size and underwater currents, there is no way to calculate an accurate depth by the amount of line let out. One practical method is to watch the line as you let it out. When the diver has reached it's maximum depth, the line will start moving back toward the back of the boat. This is the time to set the reel and place the rod in the rod holder.

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