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Michigan Inland Lake Fishing Maps
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Alcona Dam Pond, Alcona Co.
Lake Ann, Benize Co.
Lake Antoine, Dickison Co.
Arnold Lake, Clare Co.
Au Train Lake, Alger Co.
Au Train River Basin, Alger Co.
Avalon Lake, Montmorency Co.
Avery Lake, Montmorency Co.
Baldy Lake, Alger Co.
Bar Lake, Alger Co.
Bass Lake, Dickinson Co.
Bear Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Beatons Lake, Gogebic Co.
Beaver Lake, Alger Co.
Beaver Lake, Alpena Co.
Beaverhouse Lake, Luce Co.
Bellaire, Lake , Antrim Co.
Big Lake, Gogebic Co.
Black Lake, Cheboygan Co.
Blue Lakes, Kalkaska Co.
Brevoort Lake, Mackinac Co.
Budd Lake, Clare Co.
Burt Lake, Cheboygan Co.
Cadillac, Lake, Wexford Co.
Camp Eight Lake, Luce Co.
Canoe Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Carney Lake, Dickison Co.
Carp Lake, Alger Co.
Carp (Trout) Lake, Chippewa Co.
Caribou Lake, Chippewa Co.
Cedar Lake, Iosco Co.
Charlevoix, Lake , Charlevoix Co.
Chain O' Lakes, Antrim Co.
Chicagon Lake, Iron Co.
Cisco Lake, Gogebic Co.
Clam Lake, Antrim Co.
Clear Lake, Montmorency Co.
Clearwater Lake, Gogebic Co.
Cloverleaf Lake, Alger Co.
Cooke Dam Pond, Iosco Co.
Cornwall Cr. Flowage, Cheboygan Co.
Craig Lake, Baraga Co.
Cranberry Lake, Clare Co.
Crooked Lake, Clare Co.
Crooked Lake, Emmet Co.
Crooked, Lake , Missaukee Co.
Crooked Lake, Montmorency Co.
Crystal Lake, Benize Co.
Cub Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Cusino Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Deer Lake, Charlevoix Co.
Deer Lake Basin, Marquette Co.
Douglas Lake, Emmet Co.
Driggs Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Duck Lake, Gogebic Co.
Duck Lake, Grand Traverse Co.
Dutch Fred Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Eight Point Lake, Clare Co.
Elk Lake, Antrim Co.
Emily, Lake , Iron Co.
Emma, Lake Presque Isle Co.
Esau, Lake, Presque Isl Co.
Ess Lake, Montmorency Co.

Fifteen Lake (Lake 15), Montmorency Co.
Fish Lake, Alger Co.
Fletcher Pond, Alpena Co.
Foote Dam Pond, Iosco Co.
Frances Lake, Presque Isle Co.
French Farm Lake, Emmet Co.
Frenchman's Lake, Chippewa Co.
Gaylanta Lake, Montmorence Co.
Gemini Lakes, Schoolcraft Co.
Glen Lake, Leelanau Co.
Gogebic, Lake, Gogebic/Ontonagon Co.
Grand Lake, Presque Isl Co.
Grand Sable Lake, Alger Co.
Grass Lake, Alger Co.
Grass Lake, Montmorency Co.
Green Lake, Grand Traverse Co.
Guernsey Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Hamlin Lake, Mason Co.
Houghton Lake, Roscommon Co.
Hubbard Lake, Alcona Co.
Independence Lake, Marquette Co.
Indian Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Indian Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Intermediate Lake, Antrim Co.
Lac Vieux Desert, Gogebic Co.
Langford Lake, Gogebic Co.
Leelanau Lake, North Leelanau Co.
Legion Lake, Alger Co.
Lime Lake, Leelanau Co.
Little Traverse Lake, Leelanau Co.
Long Lake, Alpena Co.
Long Lake, Cheboygan Co.
Long Lake, Clare Co.
Long Lake, Grand Traverse Co.
Long Lake, Luce Co.
Long Lake, Mason Co.
Long Lake, Montmorency Co.
Lost Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Loud Dam Pond, Iosco Co.
Mamie Lake, Gogebic Co.
Manistee Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Manistique Lake, Mackinac & Luce Co.
Manistique Lake, South, Mackinac Co.
Mary, Lake , Iron Co.
Margrethe, Lake , Crawford Co.
May Lake, Presque Isle Co.
McCollum Lake, Alcona Co.
McCormick Lake, Montmorency Co.
Medora, Lake, Keweenaw Co.
Michigamme, Lake, Marquette Co.
Milakokia Lake, Mackinac Co.
Millecoquin Lake, Mackinac Co.
Mio Dam Pond, Oscoda Co.
Missaukee, Lake , Missaukee Co.
Mitchell, Lake , Wexford Co.
Monocle Lake, Chippewa Co.
Mullett Lake, Cheboygan Co.
Muskallonge Lake, Luce Co.
Nawakwa Lake, Alger Co.
Nestor Lake, Clare Co.
Nettie Lake, Presque Isle Co.

Ocqueoc Lake, Presque Isle Co.
Otsego Lake, Otsego Co.
Papoose Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Paradise Lake, Emmet Co.
Perch Lake, Clare Co.
Perch Lake, Luce Co.
Pickerel Lake, Emmet Co.
Pickerel Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Pike Lake, Clare Co.
Pike Lake, Luce Co.
Platte Lake, Benzie Co.
Pomeroy lake, Gogebic Co.
Pretty Lake, Luce Co.
Rock Lake, Dickinson Co.
Ross Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Round Lake, Emmet Co.
Rush Lake, Montmorency Co.
Sage Lake
Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron
Saint Helen, Roscommon Co.
Secord Lake, Gladwin Co.
Shoepack Lake Presque Isle Co.
Skegemog, Lake , Antrim Co.
Silver Lake, Cheboygan Co.
Six Mile Lake, Antrim Co.
Snyder Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Squaw Lake, Marquette Co.
Starvation Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Stella Lake, Alger Co.
Strouble Lake, Mackinac Co.
Sunken Lake, Schoolcraft Co.
Susan Lake, Charlevoix Co.
Tee (Tea) Lake, Oscoda Co.
Thousand Island Lake, Gogebic Co.
Thunder Lake Schoolcraft Co.
Tomahawk Lake, Presque Isle Co.
Torch Lake, Antrim Co.
Trappers Lake, Alger Co.
Twin Lake, Kalkaska Co.
Twin Lakes,, Montmorency Co.
Union Lake, Oakland Co.
Van Etten Lake, Iosco Co.
Walloon Lake, Charlevoix Co.
Webber Lake, Cheboygan Co.
Witch Lake, Marquette Co.
Wixom Lake, Gladwin Co.
Wolf Lake, Lake Co.
Wycamp Lake, Emmet Co.
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