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Michigan Walleye Tour, 2000 Inland Waterway Championship Pg. 2
   Next we investigated the large number of boats gathered just northwest of Red Pine Point. After Ken was chewed out, for making to much noise on his approach, we were shown a nice catch and sent firmly on our way. Thanks for taking time to let me get the photo guys.
 The bay held about 16 boats all trolling a deadly array of lures, spinners and harnesses, or so they hoped. All was well on the water that day and the weather was far more relaxed than the anglers. For me, it was lunch time.

   At three o'clock that afternoon Slammer and I followed the boats back up the river for the weigh in. The sky had become overcast while a stiff warm breeze blew out of the south. Like always Slammer stood watch as I slid among the boats taking photos. He thought all the boats were great fun to watch as he proudly showed everyone who was top dog in our crew. Slammer knew from experience and smell there were walleye in those boats and for him that usually means a treat!

   It was the end of the first day and 40 boats with 80 tired anglers weighed in their catch, loaded boats and equipment and closely watched the leader board. It looked like a tough one as the numbers started to shape a picture of the days work. Only 107 fish weighed out of a possible 200, which meant some had a very long day. When the scores were added and the fish released the leader was clear. Brian Lubben and Mike Viedeveld with 5 fish at 11.73lbs had a slim ¼lb lead over the Fox brothers for first, followed closely by several other teams. It was still early in the game.

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