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The "2002" Friends of Burt Lake Walleye Bonanza   / By the Castmaster     Pg. 1

   Here it was May 17th and snow flurries are in the weekend forecast for the 2002 Friends of Burt Lake Walleye Bonanza. I look forward to this friendly tournament every spring now. It's the real start of the new fishing season for me and a chance to get together with a lot of good local anglers. This one is all about fun, friends, fish stories, and of course the fish fry Sunday afternoon. Just thinking about the fresh deep fried walleye brings a growl to my stomach.

   It has been a very cold spring so far and the upcoming weekend will be no different. Heavy freeze warnings both nights with a chance of rain or snow for both days will make it a tough event this year. If the wind picks up much the brave or the well prepared for the cold and rain may have the best chance to win. My partners, Kevin and Tina from Wolverine, and I have been out a couple of times this week and had put up with the cold, high winds and the pouring rain on Wednesday night.

   I knew what we were in for and now so did Kevin and Tina. Despite bouncing in the persistent waves all evening landing some nice walleye during this practice run made it well worth the fight. After Kevin landed three Tina decide to change to the same color jig, bright orange, and a short time after the change landed the nice 20 incher she is proudly holding in the photo to the right. Nice job! I only hope we can land a few of these Saturday.

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