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The "2000" Friends of Burt Lake Walleye Bonanza   / By the Castmaster     Pg. 2

   Friday afternoon Harold & Panzy Blumke, along with some friends, were getting things ready along the river in case of foul weather. I would like to thank Harold and Pansy for hosting this passage into spring each year. They really do a fine job. I stopped by to take the boat out for one last shake-down with my partner Kevin. After a testing on Burt we cleaned and dried the boat as much as possible. We were expecting a freeze and I wanted to keep any ice from forming on the decks.

   Saturday Morning at 6am there was a definite chill in the air as we readied the boat for departure. I was hanging on to my coffee like a life line as the engine hummed to life and the dock lines were released. Slowly we made our way into Crooked River and headed down stream toward Burt Lake. It was still warm in the cabin area and we were all thankful for that. Sipping our coffee we slipped along the river watching the world starting to wake.

   It was a strange scene that morning. The sun reflected down an erie glow through the low clouds and over the water. The shoreline silhouette against the pink and purple backdrop marked the way as we pasted marker 75. Reaching the open water entering Poverty Bay we watched as the ducks skimmed the water leaving a broken trail in the surface of a rolling canvas. A few moments later we were cutting our own trail across Burt Lake south to the Sturgeon River.

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