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The "2000" Friends of Burt Lake Walleye Bonanza   / By the Castmaster     Pg. 3

   The calm spring morning quickly gave way to what felt like a brisk winter day. The winds were picking up each hour. Anchoring in front of the Sturgeon River we tried to jig a few out. A few days ago we boated 5 walleye here in a couple hours but today nothing. By noon we had moved a few times and were drifting down the east shore when I hooked our first fish. It came with a crawler on a plain gold wire hook. I was using a slinky sinker on the bottom and a 24" leader in 20 foot of water.

   It was turning into a long day. The fishing was slow, we lost a couple and the wind continued to build. That evening we ended up back in front of the Sturgeon with two anchors out on 150 foot of line. With the deck moving five feet up and down it was a little difficult to feel the bite, your jig or even your hands in the cold wind. There were several other boats close by and a couple were having a very hard time staying anchored as they bobbed.

   The temperature dropped steady as the sun did the same over the hills to the west. We bounced in the chop until well after dark and never hooked or saw anyone hook a fish that evening. It was a 6 mile ride back in the dark and not being able to see the waves I took it easy all the way across the lake. Coming up Crooked River with no moon light was another slow process and at 11:30 Saturday night we were happy to hit the dock. One fish was all we could muster that day, we would try again.

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