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Mansfield Pioneer Church
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Mansfield Mine Disaster
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ATV Trail Ride From Crystal Falls Through Iron County 2007   By DMG     Pg. 2

   I stopped to check out Way Dam on the Michigamme River. You could see the water levels were low as the U.P. has been experiencing a bit of a drought. Heading back I noticed a small memorial on the west bank of the Michigamme River where Stream Road Old 69 and Mansfield Cutoff meet. It was dedicated to the 27 men that lost their lives in a cave in of the Mansfield Mine in 1893. The following year a fire took most of Mansfield Village. Just north on Stream Road stands the Mansfield Pioneer Church. It was open for the public so I stopped and took a look inside. Built in the late 1800's the interior gave you a feel for what it was like back then. Well worth the stop.

   After leaving the church I worked my way back trying several different routes shown on the ATV map book. Most ended up dead ends or blocked off. The photo center right shows Old M-69 about a mile west of Mansfield Cutoff. Another 50 yards ahead it became impassable. I ended up taking the same way back I came. It was the only way across M-69 and the Paint River. I had marked a lot of spots not to go on the GPS which in the future will help in planning area rides. The weather was great and the rain held off until after dinner when a fairly strong storm blew through. The rain will help keep the dust down for a more enjoyable ride Tuesday.

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