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Trail Report By: Paul & Cindy Hammers - pchammers@alphacomm.net 0f Drummond Island
Drummond Island Trail Report:
DATE:   Jan 12, 2018
BASE:   1-0 inches
PAST 24 Hrs:   Rain
    Groomer Report UPDATE: Jan 12, 2018%A0%A0 %A0%A0All this rain was not kind to our trails. What we can see in town has bare spots every where. We wont be able to go on them until we get some snow!!%A0 %A0 %A0West End: ***********************POOR%A0 *********************%A0 %A0The west end is now in Poor condition.%A0 East End:%A0 %A0***********************POOR********************** The east end is much rockier end of the Island. and I would think is in even worse condition %A0 %A0 Let it Snow %A0*%A0Let it Snow *%A0Let it Snow *%A0Let it Snow *%A0Let it Snow *%A0Let it Snow *
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