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Trail Report By: Highway 31 Cabins, highway31cabins@gmail.com
Free Soil Trail Report:
DATE:   1/19/18
BASE:   1-2
PAST 24 Hrs:   no snowfall
    JANUARY 19, 2018

From Wellston Winter Trails report: Now for the bad news.... Though the temperatures have cooled down we still are not getting more than a dusting of snow on top of the ice and dirt on the trails. The trails are in no condition to ride. We aren't really expecting any real snowfall in the near future and in fact it will be going up into the high thirties Friday through Monday according to the weather guessers. The Groomers are parked until conditions change. We're sorry.

Snowfall is expected Sunday night and into Monday, so keep your fingers crossed! Looking into February...We have availability for when the snow falls again!! We have 6 small cabins that will sleep up to 4 people and a large fully furnished cabin that will sleep up to 7. Contact us and we'll set you up, or take a look at our website for pictures and information if you would like to explore trails in our area.



Check out our facebook page and see some trail pictures and give us a like!

Thanks and see you on the trails, Charlie

There are a few staging locations near our cabins that are plowed regularly based on snowfall. The closest is off Stronach Rd. on Old Steinberg Rd. (Trail #6) and has room for at least 10 rigs. Other options are on M-55 just East of Cooley Bridge at Low Bridge road (off trail #6) that will handle 8-10 trailers, another is at the Wellston grooming barn located at 18151 Old House Rd. (Trail 3/6) just East of Tippy Dam Rd. that holds at least 6 rigs. There is also a staging area option in Free Soil at the gas station.

**Reminder that trail #614 through the BEAR SWAMP is closed with no reroute in place you will have to find your way around the closure. Try heading east of #614 on 8 mile (Free Soil Rd) to Elk Highway then south or go west of #614 to Taylor Rd. (Campbell Rd.) then south. For full update on this read all about it on Michigan Snowmobile Assoc. web site page @ msasnow.org

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