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Trail Report By: Doug Martin, versatileman@hughes.net of the Snow Stompers
Lawton Trail Report:
DATE:   Thursday, Feb 20, 2013
BASE:   trying to hold
PAST 24 Hrs:   pouring rain and upper 40's
CONDITION:   trying to hold on to the base if people stay off until it gets cold again
    Thursday, February 20th,

Well, three days of rain and warm temps have not helped the trail, however, the base is really trying to hold. Please tell everyone you know to stay off until the temps drop and things re-freeze. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay off until things can re-freeze. Don't be the guy that digs through the slush and ruins everything the clubs have tried so hard to build.

I will report when the trail boss says they are good to go again.

Friday, January 31st,
we got more snow Sunday night and Monday this week and a few more flurries Tues and Wed. The trail is the best I have ever seen down here. The club reports the trail having been groomed Thursday. It is also a bit thin behind Decatur with all the blowing and drifting, but over all very good. There is also a spot in Lawton west of M40 and CR352 where the groomer got stuck andthe trail is pretty tore up. If you ride that area before they can get out to fix it, please be careful, I understand it is very rough.

The following is a 'cut / paste' from Snowstompers Facebook page from the trail boss, I included it here because I think it is well said and a great example of why respecting the sport and purchasing trail passes is so important. It is your trail, you fund it.....
Please Love your trail

"In Joe's Marathon run on Wednesday, Getting stuck twice, A Refuel in Paw Paw and a refuel in Lawton, top the tank off back at the barn + the run that Jeff and I did last night to help Joe finish - We used 90+ Gallons of diesel @ $3.99/gal. It took the cost of 8 trail permits just to do one groom on the north end to straighten out the trail from all of the heavy snow and traffic.

Normal Fuel usage is about 70 to 80 gals for BOTH groomers combined to groom the entire SnowStompers Trail.

Does this help put into perspective on why Trail Permits are so important. We all have a responsibility as Riders and users of these Trails to say something to those that don't have proper Trail permits or registration.

These trails are all funded by us. Other than a small amount that comes from Gas Sales. This trail system is all funded by the riders that ride these trails. Only by buying trail permits, whether we have beautiful years like this or thin years like last few will we continue to have a Trail Program.

Clubs get reimbursed for fuel and other operating expenses by the mile. Last reimbursement rate that I can remember was around $4.35 a mile to groom. That is mile of physical trail not miles driven. That means if you leave your property and ride 10 miles, the cost of your permit has paid for itself. Any riding you do over 10 miles is free."

Sunday, January 26th
Just heard from the trail boss that the trail is freshly groomed, 16 feet wide,and up to a 10 inch base. Honestly those are words I have never used together before in a trail report. Absolutely great winter we are having!
Please ride safe, ride sober, and STAY ON THE TRAIL!!! Support the local businesses that support your sport and HAVE FUN!!!

January 21, 2014
Trail is fair to good in most areas. Snowstompers was out Sunday grooming and I saw Driftbusters out grooming the Kal-Haven yesterday. Some of the areas that are out in the open may have lost some snow and there are reports of very thin fields between Glenwood and Decatur, but the snow North of Lawton is pretty good. The sun today probably wasn't terribly kind to the snow, but the forecast is calling for more accumulation later this week. I am going to be out of town until the 27th and will not be reporting until then. Please check out Snowstompers on Facebook for more up to date reports.

January 11, 2014
Trail boss has closed the trails in s.w. lower
We have received a lot of rain in the past 24 hours. We lost a ton of snow pack and a lot of the trail is slush. Much of the roadside trails are also soup or dirt. If people stay off until we can get some cold and snow the base may hold and we have a chance of having a sustainable trail base.
please keep your fingers crossed for more cold and snow
Check out the snowstompers of Facebook for more updates

January 9, 2014
groomers report trail good to excellent. The weather guessers are predicting rain and a nasty warm up for the next 5 days or so, lets hope the temps stay low and the rain is minimal.

If you get out, please, please, please!!! STAY ON THE TRAIL!!!!

Ride safe and respectful,

January 6, 2014
The snow keeps coming, lets hope the weather guessers are right and we get absolutely dumped on!! Snowstompers Facebook page reports that groomers have been out and will run as they can.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!!!! STAY ON THE TRAIL!!!!! Tell everyone you ride with to stay on the trail, preach it from the mountain tops "STAY ON THE TRAIL OR EVERYONE LOOSES"!!!!

The highs for Monday and Tuesday are barely going to break into positive numbers, if you ride those days, please be careful and make sure you are prepared for the cold.

Ride safe, and if I didn't mention it, STAY ON THE TRAIL!!!

What beautiful weather we have been having lately!!! It is currently 4 degrees and we have 8-10 inches of real light lake effect snow that has fallen over the past few days. They are predicting a bit more snow over the next week or so and REAL cold temps. I have heard from both Driftbusters and Snowstompers that they will most likely be going out Friday afternoon/evening to pan the trail and try to get it back to where it was a few weeks ago.
Please keep in mind that the snow we have received is super light and has almost no moisture, it will not pack well... BUT ITS SNOW!!!

ride safe

Well, that didn't last long... raining like crazy. Trail is toast. Check out the clubs Facebook page for pictures

December 15th,
What wonderful weather we have had lately. The Paw Paw area received 6-7 inches of super light lake effect snow. It has been COLD for this time of year and the snow does not have any real moisture to it. I have seen a few tracks and riders out but I would imagine it is poor at best. The good news is that the ground is starting to freeze!! I know that the further North you go, the better the snow is. Lawton and Decatur report bare snow blown fields in areas and no grooming yet. better snow is a bit further North, Bloomingdale / Allegan area. We are all very hopeful that the system that is supposed to come in Saturday comes a bit further North than predicted. If it could stay cold and we could get some real system snow the clubs around here may actually get to groom before Christmas for a change...

I'll report more if I hear from the groomers or if we get some snow Saturday.

12/7 13
Another snowmobile season is here!!
The clubs have spent the last few weekends brushing and signing and trying to find places snowmobiles are still welcome. Please make sure to stay on the trail, the Lawton club has a new re-route South of Lawton, they put a lot of work into it! Please look for it and tell your friends that ride, this is probably the last option for the trail... They loose this and they are done.

There are also a few fields that are still planted and are not marked. Please stay out of any section of trail that is not signed. The Bridge on the South side of Decatur is still out as far as I know, it is expected to be fixed in the next few weeks.

Please check out the link for the snowstompers web site at the top of this report. You can also check out the snowstompers Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/152617151516025/

We are starting to get some cold weather, now lets just get some snow!!!
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