Snowmobiling from Munising to Paradise 2007   / © DM Gabrish     Pg. 2

   Monday morning we hit the trail at sun up. The air was single digit cold and gray but trail 8 headed east out of Munising was hard and fast. We decided to see how far south the lake effect snow had fallen and from trail 8 trail 41 is the fastest way south. At the intersection of trail 8 and 41 we had a chance to chat with some flatlanders before heading south. At Stuben we ventured down some forest roads and two tracks to a spot called the Thunder Bowl just north of Thunder Lake. Kevin climbed the hills and jumped the drifts while I enjoyed the view from atop.

   We stopped at the Thunder Lake Store, just off trail 41, to top off our fuel and sip some hot coffee. From Schoolcraft County headed west through northern Delta County the snow began to thin out. We now stayed mainly with two tracks and forest roads working northwest back to Munising. Through a few creeks, over hills and winding through snow laden trees, it was all good! Most of the way we broke virgin snow sliding through the forest. We had a nice surprise once we finally reached the trail that evening. We met the groomer as we came out and he was headed the opposite way we were. It was a nice flat ride back to a steamy hot whirpool!

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