Snowmobiling from Munising to Paradise 2007   / © DM Gabrish     Pg. 3

   The next morning Duane Shank met up with us for our overnight ride to Paradise. Duane is the owner of Brentwood Lodging in Indian River and long time snowmobiler. We left Wetmore at sun up stopping in Shingleton for breakfast before heading up trail 8 to Grand Marais. Thanks to the guys at Maple Bay Marine we brought along a new Arctic Cat Jaguar Z1 to try out. Built on the F series with the new twin spar chassis and diamond Direct Drive it was powered with a 1100cc 4 stroke. Kevin and I took turns feeling out the Jag as we zipped along our way.

   We stopped in Grand Marais for coffee then headed out trail 8 along the Superior shoreline. Our next stop was Pine Stump Junction for lunch. We met riders from all over the country this trip. The group shown left came from as far as Texas and Maine to ride and said they were having a great time. Back on the trail I was really thrilled with the way the Jag handled the corners and bumps. It did not feel heavy like most 4-strokes I've ridden. The power was smooth and from 30 to 70 mph it felt more like an 800 2-stroke. The adjustable seat and handle bars made it a great fit for whom ever rode it. The Jag ate up the moguls and with a top end reaching triple digits I would have no problem keeping up or beating most 2-strokes. I was very impressed with the handling and power of this machine! I would very much like to see this engine in a long track Cross Fire chassis.

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