Snowmobiling Michigan's Central U.P. 2008   / © DM Gabrish     Pg. 1, 08 models

   After arriving in Michigamme Friday night, Dean, Dale, Steve and I were at it early Saturday. We all wanted to check out the 08 models we brought along. Among them a Crossfire 800 and the redesigned Renegade 800. Ski Doo has taken off 50 pounds over last years model and added more horsepower to boot. We headed north into the Hurons on a back road ride to Big Bay. We've had good snow in Michigan this season and we were not disappointed with the heavy blanket covering the high country here. We played on and off trail taking turns with the different sleds. Both the Crossfire and Renegade were rockets lifting skis and stretching your arms as you squeeze the trigger. The Crossfire had more zip in the lower range but at top end the Renegade was faster. The gearing and the larger paddles on the Cat had a more instant hook-up in the heavy snow that Dale and I liked. Steve and Dean preferred the ride and handling of the new the Ski Doo.
   The Renegade seemed to lean more toward trail riding and the Crossfire more to the off trail rider. Both are very capable crossovers. When it came to "the most fun to ride" we all agreed the new MXZ 600 Adrenaline, shown left, was the one. It was every bit as fast as any of the long tracks. The best part was how nibble it was through tight corners. With electric start it comes in at 425 pounds. The 115 horse 600 cc not only has plenty of power to keep up with the big boys, it also gets about 20 miles per gallon! I really like the new angle body design. It reminded me of a stealth fighter jet. We had a good day breaking snow, hugging trails, and jumping the occasional stream. We were back at dusk with a grin and tired arms.

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