Snowmobiling Michigan's Central U.P. 2008   / © DM Gabrish     Pg. 2, entertainment

   One does tend to get hungry after a days ride in the fresh air. After cleaning up a bit we rode across Lake Michigamme for diner. Entering Mt. Shasta we thought we had stumbled into a time warp of some kind, back to the 50's. Elvis was alive and well in Michigan's U.P.! We all sort of looked at each other with that "your kidding" face and sat back. Finishing diner we really enjoyed the show. Percilla and her posse soon joined in with some nice sax for some blues and oldies. Everyone seemed to get into the act and all in all it was a real good time. We stayed until Elvis left the building. By the way, he rides a Cat.
   Around 10 that night we saddled up and headed out. Some one had told us about a place called the "Grand Slam" over by Champion. Trail 8 had just been groomed and we were not planing any early ride Sunday, so we went looking. After an hour of misdirection we finally stumbled across the right two track and small bumpy path to find it. It was just south of Champion east off trail 5. It was a warm night, the main trails where flat, and the ride was worth it. A band called "Just 4 Fun" was playing some classic rock that brought back a lot of memories. I was fairly impressed with Jim Bellmore's guitar work, but they all sounded good together. Despite what you would think, you can find good entertainment up here, even in the middle of nowhere. Steve and I stayed for the last set before calling it a night. Sunday we would take it easy and get ready for our longer ride over to Curtis on Monday.

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