Watersmeet, MI.




Snowmobiling Michigan's Central U.P. 2008   / © DM Gabrish     Pg. 3, to curtis

   At sun up Monday we were all well rested and ready to ride! Highs today are expected in the 40's so we wanted to get in as many miles as we could in the morning chill. Following trail 8 east there was plenty of snow all the way. I was trying to keep an average speed, including stops, at above 30 mph. I always plan for an average 25 mph. Because it was getting warmer I wanted to step it up and get into the lake effect areas northeast of Munising before melting caused a problem. I knew there would be more snow there and with no towns to pass through we would not have to worry about road-rash on the final leg of the trip. So far, so good!
   By 11am we were just outside of Chatham on trail 8 at Eben Junction. Skipping breakfast we were all hungry and glad to see a place called the Snack Bar right on the trail. We had made good time averaging 35 mph to this point, about half way. The food was good with friendly service. We stayed for about an hour sipping coffee and talking about the ride so far. By noon we were stuffed and slowy getting dressed to continue on. Despite the warming temps the trails were in good shape. The snow was loose but heavy, and plenty of it. I used the weight of the snow to help push my sled around corners as we headed northeast on trail 8. We were all running four strokes for this trip and they were all humming along nicely. In case you're wondering side-by-side my Jag was faster than the Turbo 660 Steve was riding and the Rage Dean rode. Dale had my old 4-stroke touring to haul our gear so there was no racing there.

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