Fall Color Tour ~ 2001       Western Upper Peninsula


By The Castmaster ©2001                                         Day 1

   The weather for the past week or so had been very wet and I was looking forward to the nicer weather promised for the up coming week. It was the last weekend in September and time for our annual fall color trip. This year I wanted to tour in the Western Upper Peninsula which has plenty of hillside hardwood forests and many waterfalls to explore. Also the lakes have very dark water caused by the roots of tamarack trees and it makes for great reflections of the shoreline color.

   After arriving at Lake Michigamme stowing our gear and launching the boat, I was ready to sit down and relax for a while. The crisp fall air mingled with the smell of ripe red apples on the trees and maple wood crackling in the fire. The sun hung low and cast long shadows, the rays cutting through the leaves as the flames danced and the smoke swirled up into the trees to join the clouds. It was just the perfect setting after a day on the road. We sat on the shore and watched the day sink behind the western shores before calling it a night.

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