Fall Color Tour ~ 2001       Western Upper Peninsula
By The Castmaster ©2001                                         Day 2

   Early the next morning as slammer and I headed out on to Lake Michigamme the yard light made the dense fog around the small lagoon glow a ghostly green. As I passed a hundred yards from shore the erie light faded into the fog and I was on my own using instruments only to slip through the disorienting mist. It has taken me a while to learn to trust them but I wanted to get out before the fog lifted. I headed south east around Ramsay Island and into a cluster of small Islands where I waited motionless for the curtain to lift and the show to begin.

   At first I could just see a dark outline but when the sun lifted the hill tops lit up and as the fog slowly melted down the brilliant colors burst forth from their cover. All around me the hills grew down out of the mist until they met the water and flowed out into snake like reflections. I sat in the bow and crept along the shoreline with the electric motor on auto pilot, sipped my coffee and felt like there was peace in the world. I watched a couple in a small paddle boat slowly make there way around Cardinal Point. The craft made a small tear in the canvas as they faded into the hillside that grew in color and intensity with every passing ripple. What a day it is.... was..

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