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Crooked Lake
Minnehaha Bay
N45° 23.981'
W84° 49.658'
Inland Waterway
Emmet County

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   I have done very well on walleye in this area for years now. These are Walleye caught in the summer months during the slow time, or so I've heard. Spring Walleyes are a bit easier because they are gathered in one spot for a common cause. The summer Walleyes change their habits a bit, but are usually in numbers at feeding time. I find I always get more than one fish in any given spot when they bite. My favorite tackle for this area in the summer is a spinner rig I like to tie up myself. They allow me to cover more ground with good control at a slow speed needed for summer walleyes. Follow the weed line at the 10' to 12' break. t's a good spot for pike and smallmouth bass also. Bottom right is a view from the sonar.
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